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Can i pay in advance?

We only have postpay agreements, where you pay for passages already registered.

Why is my ferrypassages invoiced here when i have a ferry agreement?

Please contact us or to check if your ferry agreement is registered correctly.

Why is one ferrypassage invoiced twice?

On some ferries one passage is mentioned twice on the invoice;

1. The ferrypassage without tollpassage and included VTA/MVA.

2. The tollpart of the passage without VAT/MVA.

The totalprice is both lines combined.

Why have i been invoiced for more passages than my monthly rule?

The monthly rule is per calandermonth between 1st and 31st each month. We invoice per balance and you may therefore receive an invoice for a longer period, or inbetween two periods of your monthly rule. You can view your passages on Self Service.

Do you send invoice per email?

No, we use Avtalegiro, E-faktura, EHF, DigiPost and post.

For foreign customers invoice is sent by post, and viewable on Self Service.

When will i receive my invoice?

Balance over -10.000,- Invoiced every 14th day.

Balance over -200,- Invoiced every 30th day.

Balance over -25,- Invoiced every 60th day.

Invoice complaint

Contact our costumerservice via post of contactform.