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Introducing monthly fee starting April 2023

The monthly fee is 5 NOK per month, and will be introduced April 2023.

We will no longer invoice deposit for the tag, but invoice a monthly fee of 5 Nok per month starting April. If you don't have any passages the fee will be invoiced every 5 months.

For existing customers with paid deposit, we will deduct 5 Nok from the paid deposit until it's used up, unless a cancellation of agreement is received.

If the tag is returned, the remaining deposit will be added to the agreements balance. If you don't wish to send the tag in return, please inform customer service so that we can terminate your agreement.

The monthly fee covers the cost of distribution of the tag, and replacement of the tag when it runs out off battery. Flyt will send you a new tag when the old one stops working with no extra cost for our customers.

If you're an existing customer with a paid deposit, the monthly fee will be deducted from the deposit for the next 40 months, or until we receive a cancellation of agreement. This will be invoiced as two separate posts as shown below.

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If you're a new customer with no paid deposit, there will only be one post on the invoice for the monthly fee.

The norwegian name for monthly fee is "Brikkeabonnement".