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AutoPASS agreement

How to register foreign vehicles

When registering foreign vehicles it is important to state the correct information when ordering a tag. Below is a step by step that takes you through the registration process.

  • Select country of registration number
  • Motorbikes does not pay on toll roads in Norway and therefore does not need a tag. If you are travelling by motorbike you may want to consider creating an agreement with Ordering a tag for a motorbike may result in additional fees while travelling.
  • Add registration number/ License plate number ( without special characters as -/_., etc)
  • Add the classification (For vehicles up to 3500kg or motorhomes, the classification is M1)
  • Select fueltype
  • Find EU code from the table below, or in the registration card for your vehicle.
Missing alt
  • Add correct weight class (size)
  • State the brand, model and production year (example: Opel - Mokka-e - 2022)
  • Select "This vehicle is a mobile home" if it applies.

After accepting our terms and conditions, a confirmation of your order will appear, and the agreement will be active within 5 days.
You will get the discounted passings when the agreement is active, even if you haven't received the tag.
The postage of the tag can take up to 4 weeks.