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AutoPASS agreement

Benefits and discounts

  • 20% discount on all vehicles under 3500kg or M1(mobilehome) in Norway. Calculate your tollcrossings here; Electric vehicles get a higher discount in most tollcompanies.
  • 10% discount on ferries that are members with AutoPASSferje, for higher discount you can add an additional agreement with your Flyt tag on For Bastø - Fosen get higher discount by creating an additional agreement with your Flyt tag here;
  • Hourly rate and monthly rule within tollcompanies that offer discount.
  • All tollpassages on one invoice, with the exemption of additional agreement with AutoPASSferje. If you have more than one vehicle, you can choose to invoice them separately or together.
  • Self Service portal with the possibility to view invoices, edit agreement and see your passages.
  • For companies we offer an API solutions with automatic transferrence of passages
  • The Flyt tag is EETS approved and can be used on several passings in foreign countries like;; Bøjden – Fynshav, Spodsbjerg – Tårs, Odden – Århus (light vehicle), Odden – Ebeltoft (light vehicle), Gedser – Rostock (light vehicle), Rødby – Puttgarden(light vehicle) and Storebaelt Bridge. The tag can also be used on Øresund Bridge, for discount contact
  • Automatic collection of passages where the tag is not detected.

What do i need to know when i have created an agreement?

  • You are responsible for changes on your agreement. Remember to update address, change vehicles or cancel contracts when you move, sell or buy a new vehicle.
  • The tags are registered Monday to Friday between 9-15,And the agreement will be active within 1-5 working days. Normal delivery by post is 10-14 days, and 21 days in foreign countries.
  • Invoices are sent as Avtalegiro, E-faktura, EHF(Company), DigiPost og Post. For foreign countries invoices are sent by post and viewable on Self Service. Invoices is paid with Bank transference and you can use a currency calculator to pay in other currencies.
  • We recommend all our Norwegian customers too accept "Yes to all" in your online bank. You will then receive our invoices as E-faktura. If you want Avtalegiro, you can create this in your Norwegian bank when you register your first payment.
  • Registrations and invoices with Epass24 is only for passages without agreements.
  • Invoice interval: Balance over -10.000,- is invoices every 14th day. Balance over -200,- is invoiced every 30th day. Balance over -25,- is invoiced every 60th day.