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Understand your invoice

An invoice from Flyt is always with a discount and other benefits.

Invoice information and payment details
In the top right corner you will find the invoice number, invoice date (date of dispatch) and customer number. The payment details are listed in a separate box with payment due date, account number and KID, in addition to the amount to be paid.

Payment summary
On the back of the invoice, or on page 2, for those who receive the invoice as an electronic PDF, you will find the payment summary.

Here it is stated which period the passages have been registered (note that passages may have been made before the passage is registered in our systems). The invoice specification explains in which areas you have driven, how many passages have been registered and the amount in the respective areas.

If you have traveled by ferry, this will also appear on the invoice. On some ferries, one ferry crossing is shown as two amounts; a price with VAT for the ferry ticket, in addition to a separate price for tolls on the ferry. It is the total amount that is the price of the ferry crossing.

Invoice period

Please note that invoices are not necessarily sent out at the end of each month, so you can receive invoices for passages for more than one calendar month.
However, you will not be charged for more than the monthly ceiling for the boom facility. You will see information about passages when you log in to My Page.

Self Service

Click here to log in and see your invoices.