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How to cancel your agreement and return your tag

If you have a tag with a paid deposit, we need the tag in return to refund your remaining deposit.

Until we receive the tag in return, or you notify our customer service that the tag will not be sent, there will be an additional monthly fee of NOK 5.

When returning your AutoPASS chip to Flyt, make sure that you also get a “custom declaration paper” to go with the parcel, to avoid additional charge.

You can get this at your regular post office when you pay for the shipment.

Mark the declaration as described:

To: Receivers address (Flyt AS, P.b.1882 Håkonsgaten, 5866 Bergen, Norway)

From: Senders name, adress , country

Category of item(s): “Autopass chip” (quantity x weight if more than one chip)

Weight (Kg): “0,005” (for one chip)

Nature of goods: “Returned goods other”

Tariff Line amount: NOK 1,-

Date and signature from sender

Remember to always stop your agreement on Self Service when you have sold your vehicle, wish to cancel your agreement, or return the tag.