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Agreements with Vegamot is transferred to Flyt November 1st.

All agreements and tags are transferred to Flyt with existing discount and benefits.

In the 2015 toll reform the parliament decided that collection of toll passages with agreements will be executed by a company not owned by the toll companies. Due to this the independent company Flyt AS will take over all agreements from Vegamot on the 1st of November.

You will get a new contractual party, but there are no changes in the general terms of agreement. From 1st of November 2021 your agreement will be with Flyt AS Org. 926 490 842. If you wish to terminate your agreement you are free to do so, but we hope you will remain as our costumer.

What changes concerns me?

  • There will be a new logo on your invoice and a new account number.
  • If you need to contact our costumer center after 31st of October, please visit