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Terminate agreement

Are you going to sell your vehicle? To avoid unnecessary costs, remember to terminate your agreement with Flyt.

You can terminate your agreement by contacting Flyt or by logging in to AutoPASS MinSide and stop the agreement yourself. Below you can see how to proceed.

Are you going to transfer the tag from one car to another?

  • Log in to MinSide
  • Select "Tags" in the menu on the left
  • Click on "Move tag to another vehicle". When you enter and save the license plate of your new vehicle, the old license plate will automatically disappear from the agreement and the tag/agreement will continue on the new vehicle you registered.

Are you going to remove the car and terminate the tag?

  • Log in to MinSide
  • Select "Tags" in the menu on the left
  • Click on "Remove Vehicle". You will then have the choice of terminating the tag or keeping it if you get a new vehicle later that you want to reuse the tag in. If you choose to terminate the tag, the tag deposit will be returned and you will receive a settlement invoice for any outstanding amount.

Remember that you are responsible for payment until the notice is received.

! Your tag cannot be transferred to other customers. If you sell the car, you must bring the tag with you, either terminated and thrown away as electronic waste, or to be used in a new car.

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