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AutoPASS agreement

Bought or sold a vehicle?

Are you going to sell your car, or are you about to buy a new one? This is how you go about getting everything in place.

Are you going to sell a car?

Remember to cancel your AutoPASS agreement and remove the tag from the car.

If you are going to use the tag in another vehicle, you must move the tag from the old car to the new one, and register the change in your AutoPASS-agreement. You can make the agreement changes on My Page.
If changes to the agreement are not made, you will be charged for toll passes made by the new owner, until the termination or change is registered in your agreement.
Remember that electronic sales notification must be completed by you and the person who buys your car before you give it away. Read more at

Are you going to buy a car?

When you buy a used vehicle, it is important that the seller has terminated his AutoPASS agreement before you take over the vehicle so that you can add it to your own agreement. If you buy a new car at the same time as you sell the old one, you can transfer the agreement to the new car on My Page.
Also remember to move your AutoPASS tag from the old car to the new one.

If you do not already have an AutoPASS-agreement, register as a new customer on My Page. You will then be sent an AutoPASS tag belonging to the registered vehicle.
See information about signing an agreement with Flyt here.

Responsibility for tolls on the sale date

Change of ownership is changed in the Vehicle Register when all parties have signed the sales notification, so-called decision date. If you sell a car with an AutoPASS-agreement, you are responsible for paying all toll passes on the day of change of ownership if you have not terminated the agreement on the vehicle. Feel free to agree specifically on toll payment on the date of purchase if you buy or sell a car.

Self Service

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