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AutoPASS agreement


When you create an AutoPASS-agreement, you will receive a tag that you attach to the inside of the windshield. This is linked to the agreement and your car, and gives you the discount and benefits on all passages.

AutoPASS is the Norwegian system for paying tolls.

It works in a combination of sign recognition and registration of the tag. You must create an AutoPASS-agreement to get a tag. The tag will be sent to you in the mail.

  • With the AutoPASS-agreement and tag from Flyt, you get a 20 percent discount on all passages in Norway *.
  • You get benefits such as hourly rates and monthly ceilings that can provide savings, especially in cities.
  • The tag is to be attached to the windshield of your car.
  • You will receive one invoice from Flyt for all your passages in Norway. You only pay kr. 200 in deposit for the tag, which you will get back if you cancel the agreement.

! The tag should only be used in the car it is registered for. If you are going to buy, sell or change car, you can manage this yourself by logging in to Self Service.

! You can add several cars to the same agreement. You can also choose to receive a collective invoice for all vehicles.

*Some toll projects have different terms for large vehicles, as well as other benefits for electric cars.

Self Service

Click here to log in and order a tag.